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New item in the Etsy shop: "Mouse House"

I've done a lot of experimenting with mummification, going so far as to build my own dehydrator last year using a wooden kitchen cabinet salvaged from the ReStore. Although I loved the effect, I found that not only did it take a LOOOONG time, but it also left the pieces with a faint "bacon-y" scent afterward.

Which is fine, I suppose, so long as you don't get too close. But it definitely needed improvement.

After talking with another artist through one of the many Facebook "dead stuff" groups I belong to, I think I've gotten a better process worked out. First, I soak the animal in straight formalin for about a week, then pose and place in the dehydrator for another week or so.

I started with two finches and a mouse a couple weeks ago, and have produced two pieces thus far. The first, titled "Tousel's Rest," featured a domestic finch and was given to the bird's former owner. The second, called "House Mouse," is now complete and available for sale in the Etsy shop here.

I think this method will provide me with many new avenues to explore, particularly with small, delicate specimens. Stay tuned for further updates!

Mouse House:

Tousel's Rest:

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