• Karen Nemes

Making connections, going legit.

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of receiving word that I had been accepted into Northern Indiana Artists, Inc. This group is active in the area, bringing artists together and hosting exhibits and events.

It's a wonderful feeling to have what I do recognized as capital-A "Art." I've struggled with this designation for some time, and, I'm not gonna lie, external validation does make a difference in this regard.

I'm blown away by the comments from my juror/reviewer:


"Karen Nemes creates sculpture using taxidermy techniques and mixed media. The animal remains incorporated into the sculpture become not only a tribute to the life that once shared the earth with us, but a lifelong work of art that tells a story. Each story will be written by the viewer, who will ultimately develop a personal relationship with the animal portrayed in the sculpture. Karen's techniques are amazing, seldom seen in the development of such sensational sculpture. Already an artist who has exhibited and sold work, her portfolio and resume are professionally submitted and she is ready for exhibition.


Whoa. Makes me sound pretty good, doesn't it?

Anyway, thanks to the friends and family and assorted weirdos who have supported me thus far. I will try my best to earn this "Artist" title.

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