In addition to John Waters, beehive hairdos, and more flamingos than you can shake a stick at, Baltimore is also home to Robert Marbury, the original founder of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermy (MART). Not only did Robert coin the term "rogue taxidermy," but he also wrote the book on the subject. For real.


Baltimore Taxidermy Open is organized by Greg and Brian at the amazing Bazaar Baltimore shop. I had met these fellows in 2014 at the Philadelphia Alt Taxidermy Competition and they wound up inviting me to attend this event! Held at the beautiful Walters Art Museum, The Baltimore Taxidermy Open promises to be a signature event in the alt taxidermy world for many years to come.

2016 and 2017 Photos Coming Soon!



The fabulous fellows of Bazaar in Baltimore put on an outstanding event on September 3 at the Walters Art Museum, inviting several rogue taxidermists (me included!) to participate in a public show.


Featured guests included Robert Marbury and Divya Anantharaman, veritable rock stars in the genre, who I was thrilled to meet! I was also excited to see a gorgeous piece by the talented and renowned artist Katie Innamorato.


I did my best to represent Indiana and brought home a trophy for 2nd Place overall. The experience was even more special with family from the area in attendance and my trusty sidekick Sara to share in the festivities. Truly, it was an amazing night.

I'm just sorry this turned out blurr